Jack Forem

Author - Meditation Teacher - Public Speaker

Selected Works

Personal and Spiritual Development
The first book on TM and its founder, a comprehensive, readable exploration of the principles behind TM, the extensive scientific research on its benefits, and the personal experiences of meditators, by a man who lived and studied with the Maharishi. New edition in 2012, revised and updated by the author.
An Amazon top seller for 10 years, this book explains the ancient Indian system of natural medicine in simple terms, lays out guidelines for long-term good health, and provides remedies for dozens of conditions from Abdominal Cramps to Yeast Infections.
"A spiritual journey that will take you to a new and inspiring understanding of leadership."
óWarren Bennis
Wisdom and Healing
A beautiful and inspiring tale of adventure and healing in the Himalayas.
Science and Spirituality
A companion to the hugely popular movie, featuring interviews with leading-edge scientists talking about consciousness, physics, spirituality, and healing.
Health and Healing
Co-written with the psychiatrist James S. Brooks, M.D., an introduction to Ayurveda that includes helpful chapters on Relationships, as well as Depression, Anxiety, and other emotional/psychological issues. Currently out of print, but coming back soon.

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