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In Search of the Medicine Buddha: A Himalayan Journey by David Crow

Studying medicinal plants
David Crow is one of the most amazing people I"ve ever met. A caring doctor, knowledgeable in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, a world traveler, entrepreneur with the soul of a poet, and a true visionary.
David Crow speaking at a conference with the Dalai Lama

From Booklist:


"In 1987 Crow, a serious student of spiritual healing, left behind his successful acupuncture practice in San Francisco to travel to Kathmandu to pursue the path of the healer in Buddhist and Hindu culture. In this exhaustive study of the complexities of Ayurvedic medicine, the author chronicles his decade of study with Nepalese traditional doctors and explores the depth and mystery of Tibetan healing practices. In Ayurveda, almost anything can be made into medicine if purified to its essence; even poisons such as mercury are made into powerful remedies through the process of transmutation. But the mythological source of all Tibetan medicine is a spiritual deity, the Medicine Buddha. Crow believes Ayurveda is the medicine of the future and the antidote to disease caused by our increasingly toxic world. This important treatise on ethnomedicine shows that the roots of "alternative" therapies are deep, and that secrets of healing with alchemical knowledge have barely been explored by practitioners in the West."


Some Amazon reader reviews:


"The perspective and insight that this book contains is overwhelming. The content was great, but what struck me most was the nature of the author. He has such an incredible respect and love for the Earth, other cultures, and human beings. If the world was full of David Crows, we'd be in good shape. I recommend this book for the fascinating look at Tibetan medicine, but even more for the spiritual development that Mr. Crow inspires."


"David Crow's book is a must read for anyone interested in herbal medicine, Eastern philosophy, and their relevance in today's hectic world--especially for those interested in the ancient yet highly topical teachings of Ayurveda.


This book is urging us to create a new renaissance in healing, but it is not another superficial New Age book. This book is written with care and depth of heart by someone who is not interested in simple answers to complicated questions. I was struck by the authors integrity and ability to make sense out of such diverse yet interrelated topics as herbs, healing, culture, sustainable economics, and ecology. The authors central theme is that we need to both revive and advance herbal medicine and our own sense of sacred environmentalism in order to live in harmony on this troubled earth.


In Search of the Medicine Buddha is not only a book about herbal medicine but also about the need to renew our ageold spiritual connection to plants. Moreover, the book is refreshingly honest, rich, and poetic in its descriptions of Nepali and Indian culture. Highly recommended for anyone interested in creating a richer, more fulfilling and balanced life for themselves and all other living beings!"


"As a physician with over 20 years of clinical experience in alternative medicine, and nearly 30 years of serious spiritual practice, I highly recommend this book for healers of all types, patients, Buddhists, and those interested in the journey from the old way of thinking to the new."